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Thank you for stopping by to meet us!  Azaria Organics is a home based company derived from the desire to use the gifts God has provided for us to care for ourselves, our families, and our homes.  Azaria means "Gift of God" and each of the products we offer uses those gifts found in nature.  All ingredients are natural and the scents are from natural essential oils which offer beautiful scents to enjoy as well as afford the natural properties of relaxation, anti-infective, and rejuvenation benefits.  All of our products are homemade and do not contain any preservatives -- which is why they are not supplied in large quantity.  They are best used within 6-9 months of purchase.  After that time, the essential oil properties can start to break down.
We also have one of a kind jewelry and decor items.  We work to keep our bodies healthy and beautiful, our homes should be as well!  Please enjoy our offerings!
Azaria Organics
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