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About Azaria

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Custom aromatherapy blends


Advice on making the switch to natural home products

Meet Debbi


Hi!  I am the founder of Azaria Organics.  I am a  mom to three beautiful kids and two grand babies  (well, let's be honest, the kids aren't little and cute any more -- two teenaged boys and one who has flown the coop and is now a new mom herself, so they keep me busy on a whole new level but I still love them to the ends of the earth).  I started to learn about the effect that chemicals have on our health and became interested in aromatherapy in order to replace some of the cleaning chemicals in our home.  Of course, I am also a fan of great smelling lotions and soaps, so I learned about making those with all natural ingredients and scents as well!  I loved the great results I was seeing with both!     Now, I am wanting to share some of the benefits of going back to nature with anyone interested in the beauty that surrounds us.   Research shows that  harmful chemicals may contribute to asthma, cancer, behavioral problems, and more.  We are also finding that the skin is a super mover of chemicals into the body -- medications are now being administered via topical application.  Using natural ingredients allows us to take one of those risks away.  I use essential oils to  provide not only the wonderful scents to the products, but the cleansing action that has been shown to contribute to feelings of well-being, relaxation, and health.  Please take a moment to take a look at out products.  We'd love to help you make the switch to more natural care of you!  ​

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